Community Pledge

I pledge to give a portion of my time, a portion of my energy, and a portion of my resources to the community in which I live. And to set examples, not by token words I say, or by looking the other way. But, by contributing whenever I’m able to help enrich the lives of my neighbors. Here, I make all my pledges in unity, reaping in return a great community.

The CDCA is a


organization with

boundaries set at

Waverly road to the

West, Jolly road to the

South, Holmes road on

the North, And

Wainwright Ave on the


All residents are invited

to join us.

Meetings are held the

third Tuesday of the

month at 6:30 PM.

The location is

Faith United Methodist

4301 S Waverly Road

Lansing MI 48911

Lansing School District is

utilizing the Wainwright



The Lansing School District is

housing a part of the Special

Education personnel in the

Wainwright building. We are

very appreciative that the

building is no longer sitting

empty. If you have any

questions, please feel

free to stop by and tour the

school building during normal

school hours.


Contact: Martin Alwardt

Phone: 755-4000




Mission Statement

To contribute to the community by supporting and

initiating activities beneficial to the community, the

City of Lansing and society in general. To work

cooperatively in solving problems affecting the

health, safety and general welfare of Community

residents. To establish effective communication

links between the Community association,

residents, local government, and other community




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