Our Next Meeting is March 17th at 6:30pm

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Churchill Downs Community Association



The CDCA is a neighborhood

organization with boundaries 

set at Waverly Road to the 

West, Jolly Road to the South, 

Holmes Road on the North and 

Wainwright Ave on the East.

Community Pledge


 I pledge to give a  portion of my time, a portion of my energy, and a  portion of my resources to the  community in which I live. And to set  examples, not by token words I say, or by  looking the other way. But,  by contributing whenever I’m able to help enrich the  lives of my  neighbors. Here, I make all my pledges in unity, reaping in return  a  great community. 

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We love our neighbors, so feel free to come to our monthly meeting.  Churchill Downs Community Association on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Churchill Downs Community Association

Lansing, Michigan 48911, United States

(517) 449-2980


Mike Redding - President


Judy Redding - Treasurer

Veda Dove-Washington - Secretary

Board Members:

Heather Daniel

Jeanne Fangboner

Larry McConnell

Joe Price

Jeanne Sayer

Jimmy Seay

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